This Is Super Nasty And At The Same Time...Horrifying!!!!!

There are some things that just can’t be unseen. For many, that includes the now viral video of an unidentified man eating soup directly from the ladle at a supermarket soup and salad bar.

The video was originally posted on Reddit (in the site’s “trashy” category, naturally) on Saturday, October 27, and quickly made its way to Twitter where it was shared by an account called WTF?!, which specializes in tweeting shocking photos and videos.

In the 13-second segment, an older gentleman dressed in athleisure wear is seen standing over a soup bar. Clearly interested in one particular offering, the man removes the ladle from a soup pot and brings it directly to his mouth multiple times before returning it to the same container as if a massive breach of supermarket etiquette hadn’t just occurred.

Though it’s possible this clip could be part of a stunt of some kind (hello, “Justin Bieber’s” burrito eating habits!) social media users were no less horrified.

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