Kelly Clarkson: 'Whoever Rings Your Bell, Go Vote for Them'

Kelly Clarkson doesn't care who you vote for -- she just wants you to do it.

In a Facebook video, Kelly sings, "Hey, hey come together/we can make the world much better/can't give up on hope/gotta get up on vote."

She then says, "All right, you beautiful Americans, I don't care who you vote for, if you're independent, a Republican or a Democrat, I'm not about any party right now. I'm just about you using your privilege of living in a country where you can vote and you should vote. Because if you want action in your own communities, you gotta be a part of it."

"So whoever you're voting for, whoever rings your bell, go vote for them," she urges.  "O.K. Thanks!"

The midterm elections are November 6.

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