Benedict Cumberbatch Recalls How He Heroically Stopped a Robbery in London

Benedict Cumberbatch is speaking out about his real-life superhero efforts.

During an appearance on Monday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Doctor Strange star discusses how he stopped a mugging in progress last November in London, England.

"Basically what happened is I saw a... bicycle delivery guy getting surrounded by some guys on a very cold November night," Cumberbatch recalls. "I just stopped the Uber that we were in and got out and I tried to intervene and tried to calm the kids down, who were riled up, tried to calm him down, he looked like he was about to fight for his life."

Cumberbatch calls his actions "a bit foolhardy," saying he didn't even consider the potential dangers involved.

"[I] didn't really think twice about knives or acid or any of the other things that can be part of that situation," he says. "... I literally got in the way... I also tried to stop traffic so they could witness it and if anything did happen that there were people there and that might scare any violence out of the situation."

The the 42-year-old actor admits that he feels "a bit weird" talking about the incident, which has "all been a bit exaggerated."

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