Carrie Underwood Provides More Details Than Ever About Her 2017 Accident

Carrie Underwood stopped by Ellen to promote her new album Cry Pretty, and when asked about the accident that left her with more than 40 stitches last year, provided what might be the most candid and detailed description of what happened.

Underwood appears nervous and maybe even a little uncomfortable while telling host Ellen DeGeneres what happened that fateful night, but powers through. After being asked if she “fell down steps,” she responds, “I fell up steps a little bit.” She goes on:

“I kinda tripped before I got [to the steps] and the steps were kinda the problem. If it’d been flat ground, I would have been fine. I went to catch myself and barely missed the step and kinda jammed my hand in there and hit my face…”

In addition to the facial injury, Underwood tells DeGeneres that she also chipped the bottom of a tooth. “I didn’t realize how bad it was [at first],” she says, adding that she was alone when the incident occurred. When the extent of the injury became a little clearer, she called up her team and they took action.

When DeGeneres asks whether or not she thinks she looks different, Underwood replies, “I feel like I do a little bit.” She goes on to explain why she made her injury so public so quickly:

“My biggest worry at the time was if I say nothing, then later on… I feel like people are gonna say, What has she done to herself electively?

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