Vanilla Ice On Board Emirates Plane Quarantined in New York

An Emirates flight that landed at New York’s JFK airport Wednesday morning was quarantined after 10 passengers on board were taken ill.

The rapper and home renovation TV personality Vanilla Ice tweeted that he was on board the flight. “So I just landed from Dubai and now there is like tons of ambulances and fire trucks and police all over the place,” he wrote on Twitter. Adding, “This is crazy. Apparently there is over 100 people sick on the bottom floor, so happy I’m up top, it’s a double decker plane 380.”

The flight, an Airbus A380 arriving from Dubai, had 500 passengers on board on two levels, CBS reports. Initial reports stated about 100 passengers were feeling sick, but that number was refuted by the airline.

The “Ice Ice Baby” singer also shared a video on Facebook taken out the window of the plane after landing in which he and a seat mate can be heard discussing what’s happening.

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” he told The Blast, who reached the rapper after he disembarked. “During the flight there was a situation, they told us we would be in the middle of the runway after a 15-hour flight. They said there are some passengers that are ill so we are going to go out on the runway and hang out.”

“They sealed off the two floors and eventually removed first class at a separate entrance,” he added.

He told the outlet he is feeling fine now, though he missed his connecting flight to his home in Florida because of the delay on the tarmac.

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