Todd Frazier Put A New Twist On The Old Hidden Ball Trick

Outside of the Mets’ blistering 11-1 start to the season, there hasn’t been much for Mets fans to be happy about this year. Todd Frazier, though, gave the Mets faithful reason to smile with some good, old-fashioned gamesmanship this week.

During Monday’s game against the Dodgers, Frazier appeared to make a sweet diving catch into the stands. He held a baseball up to the umpire after making the apparent grab and got the out.

However, upon further review, the Mets broadcast went back and reviewed to tape only to notice that Frazier duped third base umpire Mark Wegner with a decoy baseball.

Take a look as Frazier falls into the stands and loses hold of the baseball but—in what is well deserving of an out—quickly grabs a nearby “rubber” youth baseball that dropped beside him and showed that one to the ump!!!!

Knowing that he was holding onto a non-regulation baseball, Frazier tossed the decoy ball into the stands before anyone could question the legitimacy of that catch.

Incidentally, the actual baseball was picked up by a fan in a Justin Turner jersey who used to play for the Mets.

Guess the guy showed a little loyalty to his old team.

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