What to do with Memorable Jewelry or Heirlooms?

  • I took my wedding ring and my Lindy star ring that my ex gave me to Allison's Custom Jewelry in Sidney, and had them create a ring with my engagement diamond --plus the diamonds from my wedding band and Lindy star for my daughter. I gave it to her on her 16th birthday. It had 2 diamonds and the Lindy it was beautiful.
  • Sold my engagement ring and paid for my parents 25th anniversary party.
  • I saved my diamond after my divorce to pass down to my son so he can make it into a ring one day to give his future wife. I sold the gold part from the raining and took my son out to lunch!
  • I made earrings out of my grandparents wedding rings. I made pillows out of all my grandma's dresses.
  • I'm divorced. I'm taking the diamonds out of my rings and my moms rings (divorced from my dad) and having a necklace or something made for my daughter.
  • Go to pawn shop of good reputation, trade-up!
  • Went straight to a pawn shop. They ripped me off, but I just wanted to get rid of my wedding band and get it over with.
  • We took flowers from my grandpa's funeral and got them made into charms for bracelets.
  • When my dad passed away back in 2009 I make teddy bears for everyone in my family and took some of his signature dad outfits and made teddy bear outfits out of them for the Bears. And then at Christmas time everybody opened I daddy bear so that whenever they missed him or wanted to give him a hug they could hug the teddy bear.
  • My mom took stones from my grandparents wedding rings and my dad''s wedding ring, to make it into a ring for me. She also took stones to make a necklace for my sister has something old and something new for her wedding. She also had earrings made out of those wedding ring stones

Here's what Gina traded in at Allison's Custom Jewelry....

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