Elton John Stars in Latest Snickers Ad

You’re not you when you’re hungry...but sometimes, you're Elton John.

The rock legend stars in a new ad for Snickers candy bars, playing off its popular "You're not you when you're hungry" campaign. In the spot, a rap battle is taking place in a living room, and after one rapper disses another, the battle's host invites the rapper who was insulted to step up and respond.

But instead of a rapper, we see Elton John in his full sequinned glory, singing his hit "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."  Another guest taps him on the shoulder and says, "Here. Eat a Snickers. You always lose your edge when you're hungry."  

Elton takes a bite, and the camera cuts back to the helpful guest.  "Better?" he asks.

Cut back to...not Elton, but real-life rapper Boogie, who answers, "Better." He then proceeds to rap a devastating response to the challenger.

According to Variety, Elton himself helped select Boogie, who dropped a video for his single "Deja Vu" -- filmed on the set of the Snickers commercial -- on Wednesday.  The rapper tells Variety of Sir Elton, "His musical knowledge is crazy -- he’s super in-tune with current hip-hop.”

In a statement, Elton says, "Most people already know I've long been an advocate of hip hop and that's why I wanted be a part of this – I got to hang out with Boogie and some great hip hop talent from the U.K. too."

He adds, "Moreover, I love the direction the new Snickers ads have humorously portrayed being off your game when you're hungry, but in a way that's current and relevant to young people, especially considering hip hop is one of the biggest music genres in the world today."

The campaign launches internationally on Saturday, September 1.

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