HBO Gives Peeks at GAME OF THRONES, BIG LITTLE LIES & More in New Preview

It's been a while. Almost too long since the last glimpse of Game of Thrones news or footage. Or new anything. This time last year, the seventh season was just finishing up, and there was no promise of a new episode until 2019. But HBO just gave fans a new, brief look at the upcoming final season with some new Game of Thrones footage. While fleeting, it's at least something for obsessed fans to hang onto until the actual release of the trailer. And, the footage raised one very important question for fans: will Jon Snow and Arya reunite in Game of Thrones Season 8?

Fans of the show are understandably very hungry for this new content, and even though it's literally two seconds, it shows a very important Stark family reunion. But, it isn't quite the reunion everyone has been hoping for. The footage aired on HBO before the season finale of Sharp Objects as part of a promo for their slate of original shows, which included new footage and first looks at upcoming seasons of Big Little Lies, True Detective, and more.

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