Taylor Swift's New Camera Commercial Is 'Gorgeous'

The cover of Taylor Swift's last album was a Polaroid photo of herself.  Now, she can take instant photos using a camera she designed herself, inspired by the artwork from her current album.

Details of Taylor's previously-announced deal with the Fujifilm Instax Square brand of camera have been released, along with a new ad starring Taylor herself.  The "instax SQUARE SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition" features a gold-colored newspaper pattern on the body, modeled after the newspaper pattern on her Reputation album. Her autograph is reproduced on the back. 

The camera, which features on-the-spot photo printing, as well as selfie, double exposure, macro and auto modes, will be out October 20.

"I think there's something cool about having a photo that tangibly you can hold in your hands right after you took it," Taylor explains.

"It's fun because it's like, when you're on tour, I keep a lot of diaries and journals, I like to, like, tape photos in and write on photos and give 'em to somebody, it's kind of a really nice memento from good times."

In the commercial, set to her song "Gorgeous," Taylor is shown onstage and backstage on her current Reputation tour. She says, "I will never forget this time in my life. The laughter, the hugs, the high-fives, the magical moments that you know will only happen once. I want to remember every single thing."

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