Teen Does Over 10,000 Pull-ups for World Record and Fundraiser

Talk about an extreme athlete: A college student from Great Falls, Virginia, believes he’s set new world records for doing 10,020 pullups in less than 20 hours last Saturday at a Reston gym.

“I wanted to raise awareness for ocean conservation,” said Andrew Shapiro, 19. “I don’t think there’s enough light being shed on it, and the oceans are suffering.”

The event also was a fundraiser for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Documentation Shapiro has submitted to Guinness World Records includes the required video recordings from two angles under the supervision of two judges, restricted to shifts of four hours at a time.

“Around 9,000 [pullups], my body just started shutting down and my mind wanted to give up. But, I really wanted 10,000,” Andrew said.

Back in 2016, Andrew set records for the number of pullups in six-, 12- and 24-hour periods when he did 7,306 in 18 hours to raise cancer awareness after his dad, Allen Shapiro, was diagnosed with colon cancer.

“It exposed that even in normal families, cancer touches everybody,” Allen said. “It’s very emotional for me to see my son put his body to such distress over a long period of time … but in the same token, I’m just immensely proud of him for setting a goal, following through and achieving his goals.”

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