Here's a 17-Month-Old Baby Drumming Along to Dave Grohl

Earlier this month, Dave Grohl released his new project Play, a 23-minute instrumental on which the Foo Fighters frontman played every instrument. The song is accompanied by a mini-documentary that emphasizes the importance of children's music education. Apparently, one child took that lesson to heart.

One Foo Fighters fan named Jon shared a video of his 17-month-old baby Charlie drumming along to Play. Well, "drumming along" may be a bit strong -- the clip shows little Charlie frantically smacking a plastic drum while Play plays on a TV in front of him. Still, it's pretty adorable, and it even got the attention of the Foos.

"Nice work Charlie!" the band tweeted. "Go get 'em!"

So if you want your children to grow up to be rock stars, show them Play

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