Demi Lovato Gave An Emotional Rendition Of "Sober" Days Before Overdose

After being hospitalized for an apparent drug overdose on Tuesday, a recent video of Demi Lovato forgetting the lyrics to her song “Sober” has surfaced online that was reportedly filmed just days before her incident.

In a video posted by a user on Instagram, Lovato can be seen at her concert on Sunday at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles giving an emotional and somber rendition of her hit song.

In the video, Lovato takes a moment during the song and takes a half-step away from her microphone. The audience waited, unsure if something was wrong or if she was simply pausing for dramatic effect. She stepped back up to the microphone and sang part of a lyric before confessing that she was lost.

“F–k, I forgot the lyrics,” she says with a laugh, followed by thunderous applause from her supportive crowd.

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