Why Is This A Thing!?!?!

Daniil Istomin (named @istomin_daniil_ on Instagram), who employs an innovative technique to literally chop off his clients’ locks.

In other words, he’s bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “Russian hacker.” We’ve heard of razor cutting, but this is way more Bill the Butcher than Sweeney Todd. It’s a very intense process, and quite physical. Daniil’s got some, uh, chopping muscles. Are we looking at an alternative Olympic event? In any case, he brings the drama, and there’s a bit of a Salt Bae flair to his actions.

Brave victims clients lay their trusting heads on a literal chopping block, and we can’t imagine what they’re thinking. (Visions of Anne Boleyn are running through our heads.) It’s definitely sensational, and Daniil has appeared on many a Russian television shows showing off his skills. In one clip, models are dressed in white shroud/mummy-wrapping sheets and have fake blood on their faces. Spooky.

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