Middletown Police Department Lip Sync Challenge

Here's the post from the Middletown PD Facebook page:

You really didn’t think we were going to sit back and not participate in the #lipsyncchallenge did ya? There are some good ones out there so we needed to 'BRING IT'. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. As for anyone complaining about tax dollars at work, each employee took literally 30 minutes or under to do this, most came in on their own time. It’s a messed up world right now so we just wanted to give you a smile and thanks to our great friends, Joe Cox and Wolfie Koeller at @Average Joe Films, we were able to do just that! Special thanks to our friends at Central Pastry and Milton's Donuts for helping us out with our props! Be sure and watch even after the music stops :)

MPD does not own the rights to this awesome song by Lady Antebellum but we sure had a blast lip syncing to it! It's strictly for entertainment purposes.

We are challenging our friends at Fairfield PD to do the challenge!MIC DROP *BOOM*!

Mix Morning Show!


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