Niall Horan Warns Rowdy Fans To Play It Safe

Niall Horan is all for his fans’ excitement to see him perform, as long as they play it safe. In a video captured by a fan and posted to Twitter, the singer stopped in the middle of a concert in Mexico City to warn some rowdy fans to behave, some of whom pushed others to the point of fainting.

“Everyone needs to look out for each other,” the singer said sternly to the crowd, “or we’re going to have to cancel the show.” See the warning in the video to the right.

Horan also made his point clear on Twitter, pressing that fan safety is his number one priority. “Guys you gotta start looking out for each other at shows. That’s two shows in a week we’ve nearly had to cancel,” he wrote, joiking, “I mean have ya heard my album, it’s not meant to look like a rave out there.”

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