John Mayer Used Prince's Guitar on His Newest Single

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John Mayer may be a hugely famous pop star who's dated some of the world's most desirable women, but he's also a total guitar geek.  In a new video for IGTV, Instagram's app for watching long-form vertical videos, he explains in excruciating detail how he recorded his latest single, "New Light." Along the way, he also reveals that he used a late, great superstar's guitar to do it.

During the video, John plays a part of the bridge of "New Light," and explains, "This guitar part right here is played on Prince's guitar. and I'm not making that up. It was an incredible day, because we were working on this part of the song -- which was definitely Prince-tastic -- and the guitar magically came across the table in the studio from a just appeared. For an hour."

"We didn’t know it was coming and we were working on this part of the song that needed this part. It was one of the strangest, most beautiful, serendipitous moments," John continues. "Prince’s guitar showed up. So we sort of got into the spirit of the way Prince would’ve done it."

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