Would You Eat this Barbacoa & Big Red Rolled Ice Cream?

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There really isn't a whole lot to say. FruitMix San Antonio, which was the first dessert shop to carry Thai-style rolled ice cream, unleashed a new dessert this past weekend. It combines a barbacoa taco and Big Red and it's basically what nightmares are made of. This isn't the first time the shop dipped their toes into savory (is that even the right word?) territory: In February, FruitMix featured a brisket, pickle and onion roll.

Barbacoa & Big Red. You wouldn’t understand, It’s A TEXAS Thing! #purofruitmix #texas #barbacoa #bigred #itsaTEXASthing

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Barbacoa & Big Red Roll! Please “like” and “tag” for a chance to win two free ice cream rolls! Song by Randy Garibay - Barbacoa Blues

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