High-End Retailer Selling Shirt Stuck to Front of T-Shirt for $1,245

A high-end online retailer is turning heads with a $1,245 "T-Shirt Shirt" -- that is, a T-shirt with a button-down shirt stuck to its front.

Balenciaga's Fall 18 collection, available now on the brand's website, includes the pricey "T-Shirt Shirt," which appears to be nothing more than a T-shirt with an empty checkered button-down shirt sewn or glued to its front.

The site says the shirt boasts "two wearing options" -- ostensibly as a T-shirt or a button-down.

The unusual garment went viral on Twitter, where commentators were quick to mock up their own cheaper knock-off versions as well as adapt the style to pants and other articles of clothing.

The high-end brand previously made headlines last year when it released a $2,145 blue tote bag that observers quickly noticed bears a more than slight resemblance to the 99-cent tote bags sold at Ikea.

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