MAGNUM, P.I. Reboot Trashes a Lot of Ferraris in Action-Packed Trailer

Magnum PI, arguably the centerpiece of CBS’ reboot-heavy upcoming season, has a lot of question marks, not the least of which is how Jay Hernandez will fill the moustache of Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum. But our first look indicates he’s up to the job, even as the show opts for slightly goofier action theatrics than the original.

The basic pieces are still in place: Magnum is a military veteran, this time of Afghanistan, crashing in the guest house of a mysterious, absurdly rich author. With his chopper pilot buddy TC (Stephen Hill) and mildly sketchy buddy Rick (Zachary Knighton of Happy Endings fame), he hangs out, drinks beer with his buddies, and solves the occasional case, despite the contempt of one Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks), getting an upgrade from the stuffy butler of the original. But, of course, there is trouble in paradise, with the brutal murder of a Ferrari, oh, and also, one of Magnum’s war buddies also gets killed by mysterious goons. Magnum takes the case and both property damage and unlikely action heroics ensue.

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