Shawn Mendes Explains How Staring at the Ocean Inspired 'In My Blood'

When Shawn Mendes released the song “In My Blood” last month, fans were surprised to see a more vulnerable side of the singer through lyrics that tackle feelings of anxiety.

“I love all of my other songs, but…it was all kind of more vague topics about a relationship,” he previously told Billboardabout the track. “This is my first time breaking into something that’s more serious and more about me.”

Mendes opened up further about his songwriting process as part of Billboard's “How It Went Down” video series, explaining how the lead track off of his forthcoming album Shawn Mendes: The Album came to life.

“This is the first song we wrote for the entire album,” he says of the song he wrote with Teddy Geiger, Scott Harris, Geoff Warburton and his engineer George George Seara. Working out of a studio in Malibu called The Woodshed, which is situated on a cliff and has a view of the ocean, Mendes explains that whenever he was stuck on writing lyrics, he and his co-collaborators would go outside and stare at the ocean in silence until inspiration struck. “For some weird, magical reason, something always did,” he adds.

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