Kelly Clarkson talks about dealing with her kids and their personalities

There’s no doubt Kelly Clarkson has some adorable kids but apparently they can also be kind of “bossy.” 

During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Kelly shares that daughter River Rose likes to take charge, explaining that she had actually just given Kelly’s sister a tour of Ellen’s studio. Kelly notes, “She showed my sister around and my sister came back and was like, ‘I think she thinks she's like a head of this building.'"

She’s also quite a boss when it comes to her little brother Remington. “She'll push him down and think like we won't figure it out, like how was he standing and now he is on the ground?" Kelly says. He gets back at her by basically punching her. As Kelly notes, "We did tell her, ‘Girl he's gonna get older and he's gonna start pushing back and doing stuff,' and literally it was like two weeks later, older happened."

And while she doesn’t necessarily like the idea of how Remy is defending himself, Kelly adds,  "if she knocks him, I'm like, ‘Well, you asked for it.'"

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