Kim's DIY Caesar Creek Flea Market 12.28.18

Hi, it's Kim, are you ready for the New Year? Do you want to update some rooms in your home? Well, and it's time to turn fabulous finds from Caesar Creek Flea Market into one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. This week's creative castoffs are…. Repurposed CD’s. Make your own unique coasters by using decorative wrapping paper. Update an old lamp by creating a trippy lampshade. Break into many pieces to make a mosaic table, bird bath or around a mirror. They can even be used to make snowmen for the holidays. Check out these looks on my blog page and rediscover Caesar Creek Flea Market this weekend. . . where you're sure to

. . . Find it! Love it! Make it yours!

To find out more about Caesar Creek Flea Market, click here.


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Kim Faris

Kim Faris

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