Kim's DIY Caeser Creek Flea Market 12/14/18

Hey, it's  Kim and it's time to turn fabulous finds from Caesar Creek Flea Market into one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. This week's creative castoffs are…. Repurposed DOLLIES. They’re just not for tables anymore. Create a pretty lampshade for your perfect reading nook. Fold and make as pockets on a corkboard to hold special notes. Sew several different sizes and colors together to make a runner on your table. Wrap an ornament to add a delicate look to your tree. Make some funky unique necklaces or earrings. The options are limitless! Check out these looks below and rediscover Caesar Creek Flea Market this weekend. . . where you're sure to

. . . Find it! Love it! Make it yours!

To find out more about Caeser Creek Flea Market, click here.


Dollie 1
Dollie 2
Dollie 3
Dollie 4
Dollie 5
Dollie 6
Dollie 7
Kim Faris

Kim Faris

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