Kim's DIY Caesar Creek Flea Market 11/23/18

Hi there, it’s Kim. I hope that you had a fantastic Turkey Day and that you were able to spend time with those you love!

It's time to turn fabulous finds from Caesar Creek Flea Market into one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. This week's creative castoffs

are. . . Repurposed Shutters…Take those old shutters and use as a door for the bathroom cabinet to add a vintage look. Add baskets or file hangers to the shutter and store your mail, veggies or even holiday decor. You could always is it to add some storage for socks, hats or mittens in a closet. Using shutters as a bulletin board as a backdrop for your desk. The options are limitless! Check out this look on my blog page and rediscover Caesar Creek Flea Market this weekend. . . where you're sure to. . . Find it! Love it! Make it yours!

Click here to find out more about Caesar Creek Flea Market.


Shutters 2
Shutters 3
Shutter 4
Shutter 5
Kim Faris

Kim Faris

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