Big Time Rush Reveal What Artist They Want To Collaborate With

Photo: Adrianna Casiano for iHeartRadio

Big Time Rush has released the deluxe edition of their brand new album, Another Life, and they celebrated with fans during their iHeartRadio Album Release Party. On Friday, November 17th, their fans, called Rushers, across the country tuned into iHeart stations to hear members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos PenaVega perform some of their biggest hits and talk about their successful reunion in a Q&A hosted by iHeartRadio's Jon Comouche.

The boy band kicked off the celebration by performing a new track off Another Life Deluxe, "Learn to Love" for their adoring fans. They also took it back all the way to 2011 and performed the song "Paralyzed" from their Nickelodeon days.

When Comouche asked the band if they had more fun during the first iteration of the group—which included the musical comedy series Big Time Rush— than they are now, they immediately agreed, "Oh dude. Right now. Hands down!" After going on an indefinite hiatus in 2014, BTR made a triumphant return in 2021 and returned to the stage for the first time at iHeartRadio's annual holiday tour Jingle Ball.

After joking that a lot of that first performance was a blur thanks to "a lot of egg nog" backstage, Kendall shared, "What I do remember is we were at the side stage just about to go out and everyone started chanting 'Big Time Rush!' It was really, really cool. Our first show back, we didn't know what to expect. We didn't know if anyone was even going to care and then we found out that they cared."

Another Life marks BTR's fourth full-length studio album, following 2013's 24/Seven, and showcases ten new songs (with 15 on the deluxe edition) including "Can't Get Enough," "Waves," "Weekends" and more. It also marks their first album without any features. In the past, the group has worked with the likes of Jordin Sparks, Iyaz, and Snoop Dogg. When asked if there are any artists they'd like to collaborate with, a fan in the crowd yelled out "The Jonas Brothers!"

"We'll do it! That's a lot of voices on a song. I mean, honestly, that'd be tough," they joked. "We've talked about that. There are so many people we'd love to work with, of course. We're just ready for people who want to work with Big Time Rush. Maybe Jelly Roll? That'd be cool."

BTR took one more look back at memory lane before performing their last song of the night, their 2010 hit, "Boyfriend." Did they remember how it felt the very first time they heard one of their songs on the radio? "We all remember when it was," they fondly recalled. "[We were] on our tour bus on the way back from a radio station and they played us for the first time."

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