Someone Just Bought This Arizona Ghost Town That Only Has 8 Residents

Photo: Getty Images

Cleator, Arizona, a tiny "town" with an even tinier population, has sold for just under a million dollars, reported 12 News.

The historic ghost town has just eight residents and was listed on the market for $1.25 million. The town ended up selling for $956,000 to an owner that has not been named.

Mike Brown, a local bar owner, said, "You’ve heard the term, 'where everybody knows your name?' That’s Cleator." The bar that Brown owns started off as a small hole-in-the-wall spot and has expanded to a large complex full of day-trippers, off-roaders, and bikers. Brown said, while laughing, "Well, where else are they going to go?"

Justin Godsey, a real estate agent, said that owning an entire town is a novelty that has attracted many different people with big dreams of retirement, living off-grid, and even transforming it into something new.

Godsey said, "There's even people mentioning you know a luxury destination resort type place out here."

But, the people in Cleator are the leaving type. Brown said that he plans on keeping his bar up and running. He has three years left on the lease, and he plans to continue it through the next owners too. Brown said, "Whoever it is that comes in here. I hop that he allows Cleator to be Cleator."

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