Nandi Bushell Compares Skating To Drumming, Shares First Progress Video

Nandi Bushell's already proved she's a bona fide rockstar, so now she's showing us what else she can do. Over the weekend, the 10-year-old revealed that she's learning how to skateboard and shared her first progress video on Instagram.

"Skateboarding is a lot like drumming for me," she captioned the post. "It’s a lot of fun and the more you practice the better you get. I love the feeling of landing a new trick, just like when I learn a new beat or fill. This is my first progress video hope you like it."

She then revealed that 12-year-old Sky Brown is her idol. "@skybrown is my biggest skateboarding inspiration, I want to be able to skate just like her one day," she wrote. Prodigies unite!

See Bushell's post above.

We're not sure how she has time for all this, plus school, but aside from practicing her skating skills, Bushell's also shared six cover videos this year that range from My Chemical Romance to Blur to The Who to Queen Latifah. It'll hard for her to top her 2020 highlight of beating Dave Grohl at a drum battle, but we can't wait what else she has in store for 2021.

Photo: Getty Images