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Leona Lewis is busting the myth that racist incidents aren’t as common in the UK as they are in America. In case you missed it, over the weekend the singer recalled a painful story of being racially profiled in a store in London. 

The singer said it happened just after she bought a new place. She and her dad were out shopping for stuff for her apartment at a “cute little shop” when she was singled out for not being white. She said she noticed the female storeowner “hovering around” them and then it just got worse, with the store owner demanding she not touch anything in the store, even though everyone else in the store was touching things. 

Leona says she herself “became confrontational,” noting, “because obviously it sparked this rage in me as to why we're being singled out and targeted.” The other people who were in the store simply left or did nothing and at one point the owner threatened to call the police. 

Leona eventually left, was crying in her car, while her father came back and grabbed her CD. The storeowner soon came out to apologize, noting she didn’t realize who she was. Leona called her out as a racist and said the woman was “in denial.”

  • As for the other people in the store, Leona notes, “For the people that are not speaking out or saying anything, you're the people that left. You just left," adding, "You need to say something. You need to stand with us and acknowledge that it's happening."

Justin and Hailey Bieber aren’t letting the coronavirus spoil their fun. The couple was spotted on vacation in Utah, although they certainly were able to stick with social distancing.

The pair actually went camping in the middle of nowhere, and found time to do some hiking, rock climbing and even some swimming in a clear creek,

Christina Aguilera is celebrating the tenth anniversary of her sixth studio album “Bionic,” and gave her fans a special present for the occasion. The singer just released the album’s bonus track, “Little Dreamer,” to streaming services for the first time ever.

Christina released “Bionic” on June 3rd, 2010, peaking at number three on the “Billboard” 200. The record featured such singles as “Not Myself Tonight,” “You Lost Me,” and “Whohoo,” featuring Nicki Minaj.

Jennifer Lopez is the latest star to join the All-In Challenge, after being challenged by her fiancé Alex Rodriguez and friend LeahRemini.

“We all need to come together right now to spread some love. Communities are struggling now more than ever... So I’m going #AllIn!,” she shared on social media.

As for what Jennifer’s offering, well, the winner and three friends will be invited to catch her first show when she’s back on tour. J.Lo adds, “I’ll fly you in, put you up and you will join in the fun pre-show, post-show and everything in between!!!!”