Yet Another 'Game Of Thrones' Mistake: Modern Day Items Appeared In Finale

As there have been fewer and fewer episodes of Game Of Thrones remaining, it seems as though there have been more and more mistakes happening on the big-budget HBO series. First, there was the infamous Starbucks cup that made its way into a scene, then there was the issue of "Jaime Lannister's" hand magically regrowing. Now, the show's production team has once again flubbed. The latest gaffe - water bottles appearing in a pivotal scene on Sunday night's series finale. Eagle-eyed fans noticed a plastic bottle by "Samwell Tarly's" feet. Since plastic bottles likely didn't exist in Westeros, the fictional country where the show takes place, fans tweeted out pics and videos of the mistakenly placed items, along with their outrage.

Worst of all, it wasn't just one water bottle that made it into the scene.

As of now, HBO hasn't responded to the show's latest error.

Photo: HBO

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