The voice of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" turns 75 today

Who says you can't have anything new for one of the most beloved songs of the holiday season.

Brenda Lee was surprised that it took more than half a century to produce a video for "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree." 

The compilation Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree -- The Decca Christmas Recordings made its vinyl debut this year. Part of the joy of Lee's signature song is its fun, almost casual sound. She said that was mood producer Owen Bradley created when working with her and such standout session players as keyboardist Floyd Cramer and sax man Boots Randolph.

Brenda was pleased to have been one of the stars who appeared on Ken Burns' multi-part documentary on country music. She tells us, "He did an absolutely fantastic job... They just let the cameras roll and we just talked. And things might have come out of us that we might not have said, otherwise. It's a wonderful look back at the people who started country music, the history of it. It's just wonderful."

As is Brenda Lee. Turning 75 today (Wednesday), she considers herself "semi-retired," and loves spending time with her family, but is always happy to do charity shows in and around her longtime home, Nashville.

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