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Our youngest daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with heritable unilateral retinoblastoma when she was 8 weeks old. She has been through more in her short life, almost 10 years, than anyone should in a lifetime.  Leah has endured chemo, over 20 surgeries including the removal of her left eye, and countless other unpleasantries related to her illness, many before she even celebrated her first birthday. Additionally, her diagnosis carries with it a high incidence of secondary cancers and additional problems.  Most currently, we are dealing with hearing loss that requires the use of hearing aids.  All these negatives are sometimes overwhelming. Camp Sunshine, however, is a positive connection to her illness.

Camp Sunshine is the perfect treatment - it’s an infusion of love, acceptance, courage, and support. It is the one week of the year where Leah can feel fully and totally that she is “just like everyone else.”  What an incredible gift.



The Van Beveren Family