There has been a lot going on... while most people were celebrating the holidays with loved ones, one person I know was having to mourn the loss of his Mum.  That person is Rick Springfield.

Eileen Springthorpe lived a wonderful 96 years and passed peacefully in her yard in Australia.  Rick's fans think of her as the beautiful soul who created that beautiful soul! When offering our condolences, I told Rick we would do something special to honor her when he comes here (Springfield) to do his solo show on Valentine's Day. I bought a front row seat to that show, but I'll be donating it for a special cause...

I haven't mentioned why I won't be sitting in the seat myself!  I will be the Co-host/Emcee for this show!  Those who have seen Rick's "Stripped down" solo show know the format.  He does a long set of songs with storytelling and video props (it's VERY cool and unique) and then after a host helps him do a Q&A session with the audience. Jeff Stevens and I will co-host this part :) Since we get to host, I feel it would be inappropriate for me to be able to do that and sit in the front row seat, even though I paid for it. So....I'm going to donate it to help get donations for Rick in honor of his Mum.

I haven't figured out the details yet but I'll be doing a bit of a silent auction/donation to win my front row seat.  It will be based on donations to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton (Rick is all about rescue dogs as was Mum) to keep it local but something he feels strongly about. Basically all donations greater than $20 will get their names in the card to go to Rick.  The highest donor will get my front row seat and possibly be able to hand Rick the card (IF it's possible from that seat but I don't have the specs yet).  DON'T DO ANYTHING YET....there will be a specific donation word or phrase so we know which donations are because of Rick. More details to come but this could be a fantastic opportunity to warm Rick's heart, honor his Mum and get a front row seat to this show.  Depending on how the donations go, I may split the donations between the Humane Society and a Starbucks gift card for him personally. (Something else he loves).  This is all in the beginning stages, nothing is set in stone yet. As for the Humane Society, I haven't decided yet if it will be a donation in honor of Eileen's name or if we will have one of those memory bricks made to be forever kept here in our great town.

Get those dollars set aside and stay tuned....!!!