Thanks to everyone who submitted an email for the Rick Springfield signed DVD of "An Affair of the heart"!  We've been posting it online, talking about it on the air, tweeting it out and you all responded in great numbers!!  There were very great reasons given why each of you should win (or the person you put the entry in for) and I'm glad I did not have to be the one to choose!  But the winner is....

Debbie Haney

When I first saw the name it was the email name which I guess is her husband?  Anyway - Congratulations to Debbie - Debbie email me your full contact info FROM THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS YOU SENT THE ENTRY IN FROM (so we can verify) and I will give Yellow Rick Road Productions your info so they can send you your prize!  Contrats!

So everyone else, the DVD is still available at and the direct link to get it is

Thanks for playing everyone and have a great holiday!   Don't forget to check back later today for the 2013 Rick trip recap video.... It's all done!! :)