Between vacation and getting ready for Time Warp Prom (coming up on May 3rd!) I've been a busy girl!  But not SO busy that I haven't made time for myself to get some pampering spa treatments at Fountain of youth!

I FINALLY DID IT!  I had the facial treatment nicknamed "The vampire facial"!  Because of the nickname I was a bit hesitant.  Having done the treatment now, I can't believe I waited even one minute!  The procedure also known as micro-needling and PRP treatment was a walk in the park!  After drawing some of your blood and numbing the skin, they use a microneedling pen to penetrate the skin (feels like vibration) while your blood is separating in a tube. The protein...platelet rich plasma is then extracted (so it's clear) and smoothed into your skin to promote fast rejuvenation of the skin.  Since it's of your body's own making, there is no allergic reaction at all! What a concept!  This is all the rage in California but the only place I know of in this area ...leave it to Fountain of youth in Centerville to make it available to us here in the Dayton area :)

Tomorrow I go back and start velashape treatments again - yaaay! :)