I made a quick trip to Universal Orlando over the weekend and I'm going back (for a few days) next week. I had to get a little taste of some of the new stuff before going next week of course!

The latest ride at Universal is The Transformers ride.  If you've ever been on the "Spiderman" ride, It's much like that but even better! (if you can believe that?!)  In my humble opinion it still doesn't beat the Harry Potter forbidden journey ride but I really don't see how in the world they will ever be able to top that one!  On the other hand, we ARE talking Universal so I'm sure they will find a way ;)

Back to Transformers.....the ride is fantastic! The other cool thing about it is they have "Bumble Bee' and "Optimus Prime" both out for photo ops.  When I say they are there I don't mean a big poster or a statue...

Woah! :) Can't wait until next week when I get to take my nieces! :)