Saturday's show(s) at Wiley's comedy club = SO much fun! Steve Burton and Joshua Morrow ("Dylan McAvoy" and "Nick Newman" from The Young and The Restless) put on two really fun shows! The two TV brothers kinda seem like real-life brothers as they picked on each other and it was really cool to witness their banter. The Q & A was quite fun too although....WOW Dayton, ya'll asked questions that made ME blush! (that doesn't happen very often!)

I was happy to emcee the shows, help with both M&G sessions and help promote the event via the quick promo video I did with Steve (see below) & got a ton of great feedback about it.  (Joshua even signed the tattered photo of him from the video) haha ;)  After the first show sold out, a second show was added and even THAT show sold out!

I was supposed to go see my favorite rock star perform in KY the night before and I even gave that up so I wouldn't miss this event--that right there should tell you how much fun the event really was. I give up Rick Springield for no one LOL  (Truth be told, if I weren't going to California in a few weeks to watch him get his Hollywood Star I would had to make it to both).

You may have read recent reports about how daytime TV ratings are getting a new surge?  Well I have to believe that the personal appearances from the actors are a BIG part of the reason why. They asked that no video be taken during the shows but here are a few photos:  

L to R: Steve Burton, me, Joshua Morrow

I'm SO DUMB! I should have had us pose like one of those love triangle poses you see in the supermarket on the cover of soap digest!! haha

Above: Fans asked the guys to pose for the cameras (in the BRIGHTEST. LIGHTS. EVER.) ;)

Above: Joshua finds the SMALL bottle of shampoo I left on his seat. (you won't get the humor unless you watched his "shampoo scene" last week)

Above: casual chat in Dayton with 2 guys you see on your TV each weekday...

Above: Joshua & I showing a prop from my promo video with Steve (video is posted in my previous blog)

As you can tell we had a great time.  If you missed this opportunity, make sure you get your tickets early next time around! Yes, we are really hoping for a "next time around"!

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You're welcome. ;)