WOW!  I got this super sweet email regarding my blog on those poor kittens who were stuck in a box taped up and left in a parking lot. :(  Of course we can't talk/blog about every single case but how rewarding to have been able to help at least two of these precious babies find their forever homes :)  If you are interested in adopting the other two sweeties, please call the number below the signature :)


Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 11:57 AM

I can’t thank you enough for mentioning the kittens we
found on your show and blog.  We had posted fliers at grocery stores, pet
stores, vet offices, etc. and I had emailed to every media contact I have – you
are only person I know of who did anything with the info – and it paid off.  A
family heard you on the radio and called us.  They are adopting 2 of the kittens


We are still deciding if we want to keep the other 2,
continue to look for homes, or turn them over to Humane Society – we feel all
are decent options so feeling more optimistic than we have since this “ordeal”
began almost 2 weeks ago.  Your help, that of the Scratching Post in Centerville
who reduced their fees by like 75% to treat all 4 kittens, and the wonderful
family who are adopting Socks and Willow (formerly known as Wilson) have truly
warmed our hearts. 


Again, thank you!!!




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