Last night was a late one for us! After Rick performed with the Beatles cover band "Mr. Kite & the Hendersons," we all went to the "Great Hall of Waters" and watched him sing an extra set for us on keyboard. Some with Tim Gross (his keyboard player), some on his own, and some with the guys from Mr. Kite and the Hendersons. Some fans got dressed up in 60's costumes ... it was a lot of fun! (pics in today's album below)

Today, we have a lighter schedule! We can enjoy the resort's beach, pool. lazy river & water slides (or catch up on sleep!) until 5:30. We're having a sunset beach party where Rick will be singing for us and hanging out with us. Then at 9:30 a concert by guest Terri Nunn. We're not sure if there will be any sing-a-long after but ... probably! The man never shuts down on these trips. He's constantly trying to make us happy and entertained. 

I rode up in the elevator with Rick last night after the sing-a-long. I told him I hadn't seen him smile that much and that big in a long time. It was really awesome to see. He said he was having a blast :) I took photos of that Beatles show mostly on my good camera so I'll share those pics when I get home but for now I'll take pics off my camera screen.


WOW! What a fun day! I'd been dying to go on the lazy river here and finally got to go. It was soooooo cool! There are parts where you can exit up to the water slides and it takes you right back to it. There's another that ends with you floating thru a tube that goes under water where sharks are swimming around and above you and people can look through and see you. SO COOL!

We were treated to an acoustic set on the beach with Rick! Rick's guest Terri Nunn from the 80's band "Berlin" did a show tonight and Rick joined her on stage for a song together. Then they all came out below the lobby area next to the aquarium wall and sang & played requests! What a great time!