I'm a little groggy today...recovering from partying and singing at the top of my lungs last night at PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati.  It was Rick Springfield / Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo.  There were many highs and a few lows to the experience.  I'll break it down for my review...

First Rick Springfield jumps out onto the stage with the energy of a 25 year old. (He turns 65 next month).  How he remains looking & performing the way he does remains a mystery to me.  You might think that the energy would slow during the show but it just keeps on building! It was super hot and off came the shirt.  Thank you Mother nature! ;)

Between the early hits and the songs from his latest CD "Songs for the end of the world", Rick rocked the house in a big way.  I love it during "Human Touch" when he goes into the audience to be human touched. How many artists get right there in deep with their fans?  Not many.

Okay so where are the "lows" I mentioned earlier?  Well there were none when it came to Rick's performance.  The problem was, apparently Pat Benatar has a no--photos policy during her shows.  (I know....I don't get it either but hey, if she doesn't want all the free publicity that photos floating around online would give then that's her choice).  But the venue security is told "No photos" so they were restricting Rick's fans from taking photos too.  This is a HUGE part of the experience for the RS regulars. It was being enforced in a big way too. 

There was a security guy front and center next to the steps telling the girls every 2 minutes to not take photos on their phones.  Rick walks out onto the steps to play guitar next to him and on the other side - - and I swear this happened -- as if in slow motion someone takes her finger and moves it up and up until it reaches it's intended "destination".  So sticking your finger between the cheeks of a rockstar is ok but whatever you do... DO NOT take a photo of him! lol

Then comes Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo.  First, Neil is hugely talented there is no denying that.  But it seemed like they were constantly reminding people that it was Pat AND NEIL, including the 4 1/2 min. video shown before they came out of how they each got into music and how they got together.  It is cute and interesting and I love seeing them play together, I just didn't need to keep being reminded.  They sounded GREAT and looked great too (I'd show you photos if only we were allowed to take some). 

After replaying the night on the way home, I have to honestly say I really think it would have been an even better show had they switched the lineup.  These huge talents were fantastic, but the energy in a Rick Springfield show is SO high that whatever comes after it better be equally high energy in order to build the night as a whole.  The talent was certainly there, but Rick Springfield's SUPER high amount of energy really should be the climax of the show rather than the start. ESPECIALLY when fans are not allowed to take photos of one act because of the other.  So ok, switch the line-up and then security doesn't have to worry about it after the first show is over! :)

I hope this isn't taken as all negative on Pat - she sounded GREAT!  It was fun to even be there considering growing up I wanted to BE Pat Benatar.  I learned all of Rick Springfield's harmonies because I was positive one day I would be his backup singer lol  So the two in one show was really cool for me.

SO!  Let's get to some photos shall we?  It WAS a great couple of shows and here is some proof (of one of them) lol


This is at sound check - Rick is pointing to his signature tattoo on my leg

Ohio folks with Rick!

Yanno that game "Where's Waldo"?  Time to play "Where's Rick?"

My Mix 107.7 Dayton peeps with me in Cincinnati :)