....Port Chuck review II

The gig seemed to be doomed from the start. The band "Port Chuck" had decided they will do individual shows in the future but WEEKS of touring was no longer an option. So, they set out on the Port Chuck farewell tour last fall. One of their last stops on this tour was Cincinnati in November 2013. Unfortunately, the day of the show they were forced to cancel as their tour bus broke down in NY and they couldn't get out. The show was rescheduled for March 8, 2014.

Port Chuck, consists of a kick-butt band, Steve Burton (Young & The Restless), Brandon Barash, Scott Reeves, and Bradford Anderson - all actors formerly on General Hospital. Can they sing?  YEP. But oh yeah, the bad luck streak...

A few hours before the show on Saturday, band leader Steve Burton calls around frantically looking for a sound system/engineer to run their show as the regular one was stuck in Nashville! Reminds me of the time I was subbing for a band when halfway through the first set, in the middle of a song the drummer up and RAN to the restroom.  During our early break we called every musician friend we knew and got a sub. So now with TWO subs in this band the set list went out the window and became "whatever songs we collectively know"! SOMEHOW we made it through that night and SOMEHOW Port Chuck managed to pull it together on Saturday and put on one HECK of a show!

It started with the sound check (hey, a sound system is GOOD!) We all got to spend individual time with each singer/actor. Sharp-as-a-tack Bradford remembers me by name somehow, and even remembers which song I always ask for (besides Jessie's Girl). I gave Brandon a photo I have of him goofing off with Rick Springfield when we were on the Cancun trip. It was a hilarious moment of that trip and I'll post the photo of Brandon holding that pic up. His expression is hilarious! Scott was sweet and personable as always and I caught a pic of him doing a selfie with friends of mine...I'll try to post that one too. Steve Burton...he's the band leader and this guy is also a SMART business man. ...And the eyes...have to mention the "Burton blues". I try not to look directly at them, kinda like an eclipse...

One of my favorite moments of the show was when the guys brought up a young special-needs fellow named "Jason", wheelchair and all.  They all took pics with him, let him sing in the microphone, Scott brought him over as he sang a beautiful rendition of "Hallelujah" which brought many to tears. The thing is, these four mega soap stars all manly and hunky and they take time to make Jason feel like he is the coolest dude in the world.  Ya know what? At that moment, he certainly was.

I love how much fun the guys seem to have together on stage. A couple of the guys even had face-time going on their phones during their songs. Then they'd turn their phones around so that we could see their families watching from home. Brandon had new wife Kirsten Storms ("Maxi" on General Hospital) and their new baby girl on his phone during one of his songs. How cute to see what fatherhood has done for Brandon :)

New songs (when do these guys have time to practice?!) including some singing/rapping mashups were added.  I peeked at the set list and was bummed to not see "Jessie's Girl" on the list but SURPRISE they did it as their second encore! I hope to someday see them do "No one like you" again. Bradford has that angelic voice and just kills it. 

There will be photos and videos shared all week here and a few surprises too ; ) Starting tomorrow....For now, enjoy these pics! :) (all from my phone)

Scott Reeves

Brandon Barash (2nd pic is the one he's reacting to his photo with Rick Springfield)

Bradford Anderson

Steve Burton

 Within the next few days there will be a little surprise here for soap fans. ESPECIALLY fans of Steve Burton. SO CHECK BACK! ;)