As I get ready to go see "Port Chuck" this Saturday in Cincinnati...I think back to the last time I saw them perform.  Here is my review from last Feb. of Port Chuck:



I had heard that four guys from the soap “General Hospital” had formed a music group, calling themselves “Port Chuck”. This is a nickname of the fictitious town GH takes place in (“Port Charles”). So  Sunday night I found myself watching their show for the first time as they performed at Pickwick & Frolic/Hilarities in Cleveland.  When the venue emailed ahead of time to make sure we knew our tickets included the sound check and to be
there by 5pm, I knew it’d be a good night…

A few weeks back I was asking about the upcoming Port Chuck tour on their facebook page. They have a great facebook admin named Kathy who got right back to me, answering my questions. She said all shows are great but the Platinum tickets also gets you a meet & greet and a sound check as well. Not to mention the best seats in the house. So that’s the direction I went.  As I watched the show pretty much three feet from Steve Burton my first thought was “MUST. THANK. KATHY!” Actually, that was my 2nd thought. If I’m honest, my first hought was “Holy crap I’m three feet from the piercing blue eyes of Steve Burton”! But I digress…

Steve Burton, Brandon Barash, Bradford Anderson and Scott Reeves and a fantastic band make up Port Chuck’s show.  Two of the guys I had met on the Cancun trip with Rick Springfield. (To see exclusive footage see the RS Cancun recap video* at the end of this review.)  On that trip I got to hear the voices of Bradford Anderson and Brandon Barash (pronounced “Bar-AH-sh” I found that out only AFTER mis-pronouncing it in the recap video narration). I was so impressed! Hmm…I wondered about the other two! Maybe there was more to “Port Chuck” than I thought?

Steve Burton, who now plays “Dylan McAvoy” on “The Young & The Restless” is most famous for his role on General Hospital as “Jason Morgan”.  Let’s first go over the fact that he is an actor. Actors act. In different roles. Okay, glad we got that out of the way because there has been a lot of controversy involving his leaving GH and arrival at Y & R. (If you click “previous posts” on this page you will soon come to my blog about this & see my take on it). ANYWAY – what I didn’t know - not only can the guy act but he has great stage presence, can sing AND
rap! It also looked to me like he is the one who keeps the show on track with timing etc… So basically in a few hours’ time I learned that there is WAY more to this guy than just those “Burton blues”.  

Scott Reeves who is actually leaving GH and the role of “Dr. Steven Lars Webber” ALSO has huge talent. He acts of course but also plays guitar, and writes music. Perhaps you’ve heard a Toby Keith song called “Made in America”? Well that Number 1 hit was co-written by Scott! Not only does HE sing (he can cover BonJovi like no one I have ever heard) but he also has a talented family including his actress wife Melissa and daughter Emily. Emily has just released new music herself available on itunes. You can also find Miss Reeves on youtube and I encourage it! She writes, sings and is cute as a button too.  I see BIG things for her future.

Ok lets go back to… Brandon Barash (BarAHsh BarAHHHHSH!!) He was hilarious on the Cancun trip. He plays a mean harmonica (again, see the cancun video*) and I already knew he could sing because of the Cancun trip. But I gotta say that Sunday he sang his bottom off!!  He did a version of “House of the Rising Sun” that blew everyone away. I don’t even like that song and I’d go buy the single immediately if Brandon were to record one. Seriously.  He’s also a master of voices. Should he ever want to, he could certainly do a Vegas show. In fact, in Cancun he and Rick Springfield were kind of doing an improv acoustic set and he breaks out a Louis Armstrong voice that was PERFECT. SO perfect in fact, that as soon as he sang the words that he did, (I won’t spoil it) I immediately knew that when producing the Cancun recap video THAT was my closing scene. PERFECT.

Bradford Anderson. During the Cancun trip Bradford was the acting coach in a class I took. He also was on a panel of celebs (with Bar-AH-sh) that I had to sing in front of and made me freak right out the first time. There’s no arguing that Bradford is a great actor. But I soon learned that he makes one heck of a Director as well! He could easily be a future Spielberg.  But what about his voice? It’s Angelic. He sings really difficult high songs with ease with this natural vibrato that makes everyone melt. When I heard he and Brandon sing the Scorpions’ “No one like you” in Cancun, I. WAS. FLOORED. Aside from the obvious talent I found Bradford to be sweet, focused and personable. Believe it or not, when I saw him in Cleveland, he remembered me- BY NAME -from the Cancun Trip! What a guy!

The four together put on one heck of a show!  We had seats up front but we never sat down.  I go to Rick Springfield shows and stand like this all the time. But Rick Springfield has been rocking it out for over three decades! The Port Chuck show was quite honestly one of the MOST FUN shows I have ever been to.  You can tell these guys really like each other and that DOES MATTER when performing together.  The Banter between Steve Burton and Brandon Barash alone was entertaining as heck – making us all laugh while dancing to their performances. Scott Reeves' great voice & sweet personality was plain to see and doing “Made in America” was clearly from the heart. The ENERGY of Bradford Anderson was just infectious.  Put all of those ingredients together and what do you get? A VERY talented group of guys called “Port Chuck”. Uh oh....I see more than just Rick Springfield concerts in my future...

You may be thinking “what kind of review is this?  It’s all GOOD”. Well that’s because it WAS all good!  If I had to say anything on the negative I would say “BRING BACK THE SCORPIONS TUNE”!! That and “HungryLike the Wolf” in Cancun is what got my attention in the first place.  I will definitely be seeing this group again. Definitely.  My advice to anyone who might be on the fence about buying a ticket? Well most of the shows have sold out. But if you happen to live near a venue that isn't yet sold out or - next time Port Chuck is scheduled to play near you…BUY THE TICKETS. IMMEDIATELY.

OH, did I mention they closed the show with “Jessie’s Girl”?  PERFECT ;)


Ok back to 2014 ...this Saturday in Cincinnati at the Newport Syndicate!

*NOTE: I have temporarily disabled the Cancun video I mention in this blog. The Nov 2013 Rick Springfield & friends trip video is below but Brandon and Bradford are not in that one :(