When Fountain of youth med spa in Centerville first asked me if I'd be an endorser and try Velashape, I had a few thoughts.  My FIRST thought was "WOW they must be brave"! I mean, they knew nothing about my metabolism (or lack of) and all I had to do was try it. Then I realized that was just MY thought. THEIR thought was simple: IT WORKS.  So even though I thought it was a risk for them, to them it wasn't risky at all. They already knew it works.

This is the same treatment that Kim Kardashian had done after having baby North/South/East/West (whatever that kid's name is). It has also been featured on Dr. OZ and several other shows. The reason everyone is talking about and celebs are all tweeting about it is because it is breakthrough technology. A NON-envasive procedure that slims you AND tightens skin. Skeptical?  I was too! Keep reading...

In this photo I am posting, I have had only 5 treatments. Seriously, FIVE! I've chosen these two COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED photos (zoomed in on me) because they are our ACTUAL Mix staff photos from actual annual Mix events.  You know every year we have Summerfest then a few months later, Concert for a cure. I did this on purpose to show you what a huge difference in my appearance after just five velashape treatments at Fountain of youth Med spa:

I purposely did not eat any differently nor did I do any extra exercise during this time. I have just started their prescription diet program so I will update everyone again soon. By the way, before you could only do this prescription diet program by driving to Kentucky. But lucky me, Fountain of youth med spa now offers this!

Fountain of youth also offers breakthrough technology facial treatments, laser hair removal (bring a written quote from that hair removal place at The Greene and they'll beat it by at least 50%!) tattoo removal... I've not finished with the facial treatment program yet but what I have had done so far has made a huge difference in my skin.

One last thing I want you to look at in the photo above. My expression.  Of course we're goofing off in both pics, but look at my face. You can tell I am so much more confident and feel so much better in the second picture than in the first. 

Next month I go back to Club Med on the Rick Springfield trip that I do every year. I am working with Fountain of youth to look my very best for that and I'll do another side-by-side comparison shot of last year's photo with Rick and this year's ;) Stay tuned....but in the meantime, call Fountain of youth if you're ready to make a change for the better!