Wow. This one was really tough. 

Those close to me know how close I was to my Mom.  She was my best friend, my rock, my Maid of honor in my (1st) wedding, my biggest supporter and my biggest fan.  When she passed away suddenly in 2001, naturally I was devastated.

When I was 5 yrs old my Mom bought me Jimmy Osmond's album with the song "Mother of mine" on it. She hinted that she "sure would love to hear me sing that song someday" and then went to the store. By the time she got back I had learned the song and sang it to her. She cried.  Then, she put me in my Kindergarten talent show to sing it. (which is how my singing career began). My Grandpa brought his rectangular tape know the kind where you'd push play + record to record... he missed the beginning but I'm so thankful he recorded it at all.

I've produced all kinds of videos in the last few years....sports videos, station event videos, Rick Springfield trip recap videos, etc... This is THE hardest video I have ever put together. This one is in honor of my now Angel Mom. Gone way too soon. Gone but not forgotten. So I guess that could only mean she isn't really "gone".

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to watch the video to honor my Mom. The audio is the actual recording of me singing to her in that Kindergarten talent show so many years ago. Pardon my sister whispering during the song that I was nervous (I wasn't) I saw nothing but lights but I knew she was out there so I was fine.  My little 5 year old voice belting out every word to my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mom, I love you.