I can feel it coming....the question: "Hey Doreen, I hear you were mentioned in a not-all-positive YAHOO article about a show Rick Springfield was in. Are you upset?" Answer: No.

I have faith in the performer that I know in my favorite rock star.  I know he will KILL IT on the 14th when Mr. Reddy will go again to see the show from another perspective...in with the fans. 

After seeing "An Affair of the heart" a documentary about Rick Springfield's unique connection with this fans, that fan connection with RS is what got Tom Reddy (Yahoo writer) interested in the first place!  I know because I've been chatting with him about the fans, the Rick Springfield & friends trips AND the Rick Springfield shows. Granted, I'm a female in my 40's which means I know there is the hotness factor there.  But I've also been in the radio business for a long time and I know good music when I hear it.  I see other artists and interact with them quite a bit.  I have never seen a relationship between an artist and fans like Rick Springfield's. Ever.


This writer is honest and admits he has only been to that one show where I'm sure Rick's set had to be cut in order to fit all three acts in (Eddie Money, Little River Band).  If Rick was cut short, maybe he did not do his nightly walk waaaaay out into the audience during "Human Touch".  (VERY FEW artists would dare get right down in there with the fans!)  The "disappointment" mentioned by Mr. Reddy was that he didn't see Rick connect to the rest of the audience as much as the first few rows so he must not have been witness to the usual "Human Touch" experience Rick normally gives. 

As Mr. Reddy stated in the article, it was not meant for him to be a critic, but more of a report of what he witnessed.  If that is what he saw from his perspective, then that is what I would expect for him to write.  Rick is a writer too, and always writes the truth even if it makes him look bad. 

On top of that, he did mention me in his article which was super sweet!  He even made sure to mention that I wouldn't be a fan of his take on the report.  It's okay Tom, I have faith in my guy and know you will see it from a much better perspective with a full Rick Springfield show on the 14th!  :)