It's so hard to believe that 12 years ago today my world changed forever.  My Mom passed away at age 59 of a massive brain bleed.  I think about her and miss her every single day. They say it gets easier and it does, but I still miss her just as much as the day we lost her.  I'm sure it will always be that way.

Instead of making it a real bummer of a day, I like to honor her memory by being a good person, think of others and do this small tribute to her here on my blog page.  She was a beautiful person inside and out (as you're about to see...)

It may seem silly but this next pic is my favorite...If I was scared at night I would go sleep with my Mom to feel safe.  I ALWAYS had to sleep with one leg over her to be sure she was still there. She would get so mad at my Dad for taking these pictures...but I thank him because I cherish them!  :)

Love & Miss you Mom :(