UPDATE: I am happy to report that sweet little Coda has been found and is now back at home with Jess and Logan Hicks! :) :) :)

(Original blog):

Jess Hicks has been frantic.  Her small dog has gone missing in Tipp City.  She got loose at their house on 6th street, some kids later spotted her on 4th street and just last night there was a sighting on S. Tippacanoe between Hawthorne and Nelson.

We're looking for a small brown dog with black markings - super cute!  She is part Pappion / part "Chihuahua. She had on a red collar with Steelers tag but that could have come off by now, you never know.  Here is what Jess has sent me:

"Coda came to our family at 8 months old and immediately stole our hearts. At five lbs, full grown, she has a lot of spunk and the sweetest personality. She's skittish around strangers but she knows who her family is and will always stay by our side. She is wearing a red collar and a Steelers tag with her name and our phone number.
On the afternoon of Thursday, August 14th, a friend staying at our house, let her out the front door while the family was at work. Our house is on 6th Street in Tipp City and she was last seen by a group of kids on 4th Street. We rushed home immediately to search for her but after hours of searching, had no luck. We haven't given up hope that she is still out there alive and well, just waiting to be reunited with her family.
We are offering a $200 reward for her safe return and would do anything to have her back with us where she belongs.
Please let me know if I can provide anymore information about Coda that may help. Thank you again so much for doing this. I couldn't be more appreciative.
Jess Hicks
Logan Hicks
937.216.8003 "
So let's help Jess and Logan out, okay?  Let's help CODA out!  Coda needs to be home safe.  If you see her or have any information please call them right away.  YOU could make the difference in saving this sweet little baby!