As we head to the end of the year, I started thinking about all that happened in 2016.  A LOT!  Time Warp Prom - always a blast.  Summerfest 18 was EXTRA cool. Not just because Rick Springfield was the headliner, but there was some drama that was overcome and made into something spectacular! (see video below) In 2016 I got to meet JOHNNY DEPP and have him sign my ankle for a tattoo (He was very careful in trying to match Rick Springfield's autograph on my other ankle). I was still on this high when I had two surgeries.  The first surgery I woke up and found out my Dad had passed away.  I had a really REALLY tough time putting together that video). I got through the memorial with help from my husband, family and boy bestie.  Then things started looking up a little when I attended a RS/Richard Marx concert and was given a wonderful shout out and granted a request in front of an entire audience from Richard Marx.  I did some karaoke with Daytime TV's Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson.  I got to go to the beautiful Atlantis resort in Nassau, Bahamas with Rick Springfield & friends...aaaaand I joined a new group of really fun people on FB about Universal Studios.  That is also where I just spent my big birthday celebrating. With a sinus/throat infection. Boo. I did get to spend SOME time with my friends and family in the beautiful weather so it wasn't all bad. I had some real highs and lows in 2016...but I'm ready!  Bring on 2017!

xo, D.