As May 9th approaches, superfans of Rick Springfield prepare to fly to California to watch our guy FINALLY get his star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Here at Mix 107.7, Jeff Stevens and I are both BIG Rick Springfield fans so one of us needed to be there...I pick ME. ;)

I will be heading out Thursday night at be there through next Tuesday so I can also take in his "Stripped down" solo show on Sunday in Santa Monica. (music & story telling, not the other kind) (doggone it) lol 

The fine folks at asked me to contribute to their video page of congratulations for Rick. I was happy to contribute, but I thought it would be great to do a video with my own experiences w/Rick but also Jeff, his band (who usually open for Rick at Dayton shows) our friends/family and Mix 107.7 listeners. They even waited for me to get the big finale' shot at the end of my video at #MixTimeWarp prom last night ;)

Here is my submission. Enjoy :)