WOW General Hospital is really going all-out for it's 50th anniversary!  Not only are Frisco & Felicia back...but MANY former cast members made their way back to "Port Charles" for this big event. Including the famous duo LUKE & LAURA.  30 Million people tuned in to watch the famous couple say "I do" back in the early 80's...I'm betting millions are tuning in once again to find...oh wow - - shocking...they are in trouble once again!! (insert favorite soap shocking news sounder my husband's opinion, it's always  'DON DON DONNNNNNN') (linger that last note for effect please ;)

Anyway what you might NOT know is that there are some deleted scenes from the famous "Nurse's Ball" segments from GH posted on the abc website!  To make it easy to get to, here is the link:

While you are there you can also see my favorite rock star of all time perform at "The Nurse's Ball"! In 1981 Rick Springfield signed on to play Dr. Noah Drake at the same time his #1 hit "Jessie's Girl" was climbing the charts. Since they wanted to utilize his talents (at first he declined, wanting to keep the two careers far apart) and it was in the storyline that Noah couldn't sing, they created an alter character, Eli Love many years later. Eli was a rock star so that was perfect. So who would Rick be playing when he came back for the 50th anniversary show? The character Noah Drake came back in the scenes, but taking the stage was RICK SPRINGFIELD!

I had the pleasure of talking with Rick the night before he was filiming the segments.  He said they were going to have Noah Drake sing but they already had said Noah couldn't sing. It was just appropriate at this time and at this big of an event that Rick Springfield just sing the song from the year of his appearance on Rick Springfield. Rick told me this was how it was going to be AND told me nurse Bobbie actually says to him "you know I never realized how much you look like Rick Springfield". He did not tell me what "Noah's" reaction would be and I'm glad he didn't cuz I laughed out loud when he looked are her and said "you gotta be kiddin me" LOL

The above link will take you to the website for deleted scenes, the songs performed by Rick, Jack Wagner & more.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Way to go General's to 50 years and looking forward to 50 more! :)